Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Item Code: Features:Rough Top belt is designed for transporting light weight goods, either being inclined or being horizontal, also suitable for transporting fragile or deformed materials and packed goods, such as glass, papers, bags, boxes or cartons at angle from 15 to 35 degree. FEATURES:
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Rough top conveyor belt comprise two or three ply with cut edges, carcass of NN/EP fabric , With the top covers made using wear-resistant rubber featuring non-slip surface, used for transporting light weight goods, such as sacks, boxes and parcels, on inclined surface at angles of 35°. Top cover is made of wear-resistant rubber with a non-slip surface. It has a cushioning effect, mollifies and absorbs vibrations and impacts given on transported materials and simultaneously prevents slipping. 


●Provides excellent grip between belt top and packages, such as cartons, jute packages

●Black cover for utility applications

●Tan cover for non marking applications such as packaged food

Common Uses

●Used in transportation of light weight goods on inclined surfaces.

●Package handling, labeling


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